Training-of-Trainers (ToT) Institute Overview

CLIMBS Facilitator Institute Agenda (pdf)CLIMBS Training-of-Trainers Institute

Objectives and Topics

The CLIMBS Training-of-Trainers Institute provides participants who are experienced in working with adult learners the opportunity to become CLIMBS Course Trainers in order to deliver the CLIMBS course in local education contexts. In particular, the Institute's attendees will:

  • Explore the aims, content, and organization of the CLIMBS course
  • Discuss potentially challenging aspects of each module
  • Practice facilitating sections of CLIMBS modules in teams
  • Deepen knowledge of topics pertaining to ELLs, such as academic literacy development
  • Adapt CLIMBS materials to school/district needs and plan with a facilitation partner
  • Interact with the online component of CLIMBS through a Learning Management System
  • Strengthen facilitation skills

The Institute is an intensive 3-day training intended for educators who plan to facilitate CLIMBS at a local education agency. Attending the institute and facilitating CLIMBS in pairs is encouraged. WIDA recommends that attendees have:

  • experience working with K-12 language learners as an ESL/bilingual teacher
  • in-depth knowledge of second language acquisition theories and language teaching standards
  • participated in training on the WIDA Standards Framework
  • experience facilitating adult learning on topics in education

During the Institute, attendees will be able to practice facilitating parts of CLIMBS modules. This hands-on experience will help CLIMBS Course Trainers learn the course materials and plan for the types of scaffolding and modification they may need to provide in order to foster a rich learning environment at the local site where CLIMBS is offered.

CLIMBS Authorization

The purpose of the CLIMBS Course Training of Trainers Institute is to initiate the process for educators to teach the CLIMBS Course. Trainers are fully authorized after:

  • Completing the CLIMBS Training-of-Trainers Institute
  • Facilitating the CLIMBS course at least once

Participating in one semester-long series of “reflect and plan” conference calls
WIDA is the only organization through which you can become a CLIMBS Course Trainer. To apply for the CLIMBS Course Training of Trainers Institute, visit the Registration page.