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"I think I have more confidence in how I can really bring this information to the staff... being a department chair, the staff is always looking to me for 'what do I do?'. And this gives me more back up, basically, more stuff to give them, that they can say, 'oh, it's not just Donna, this really is based on research.'"

– Donna, Chair of ESL/bilingual department in a middle school

"I had no idea WIDA existed. I had no idea ELLs were federally, nationally such a big deal. I knew about ACCESS testing but I didn't know the full, comprehensive view of it. So that was good understanding. And I also gained all the cultural awareness."

– Jenny, Reading teacher

"I had no idea about the WIDA standards. I did not know about the MPIs, I did not know anything having to do with bilingual or English as a second language instruction. And I think it has certainly helped me so I better know when I'm reading the lesson plans of my ESL staff, I tell myself, 'OK, this is where this is coming from, this is what they're talking about.' In our last principal meeting, we got all of our ACCESS scores for the whole year and it was really nice because I could actually read the scores and understand what was being meant, under each domain. I could say, 'OK, well this kid is totally making it in speaking but writing, there's definitely a deficit so we can't exit this kid because... they don't have the cumulative.' And it was really nice because I was able to correct people's interpretations of the students' test scores."

– Leslie, Assistant Principal at an elementary school