CLIMBS Program Outline CLIMBS Course Goals and Objectives:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of how to integrate the WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards and content standards into classroom instruction and assessment
  • Apply a research-based, comprehensive approach to scaffolding academic content and building language proficiency that benefits English language learners (ELLs) and all learners
  • Use data from WIDA assessments, state achievement tests, and classroom assessments to inform instruction
  • Build collaborative relationships with educators in your state through face-to-face and online interaction

Course Description

The CLIMBS course is designed to assist teams of K-12 educators in meeting the needs of their ELL students, and to build capacity and increase collaboration among educators at the local level.

The CLIMBS course provides an introduction to the use of research-based approaches to scaffolding instruction in classrooms that include ELLs. During the course, participants will learn to implement the WIDA ELD Standards in ways that support ELLs' development of academic language and help ensure their access to intellectually challenging grade-level content. Over the course of a full semester, in five full-day, face-to-face meetings, teams of educators:

  • Explore cultural practices and the processes of acculturation
  • Develop foundational understanding of second language acquisition processes
  • Practice strategies to differentiate instruction according to students’ English language development levels
  • Explore formative assessment as a strategy to expand language learning for students
  • Integrate WIDA ELD Standards, Features of Academic Language, and Performance Definitions for planning and instruction
  • Collaborate with other educators to support ELL success

CLIMBS was originally developed by the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) on behalf of the WIDA Consortium. Pairs of educators become CLIMBS Course Trainers through the CLIMBS Training-of-Trainers Institute. Then, CLIMBS Course Trainers offer the CLIMBS Course in a local educational context for teams of ELL/Bilingual and general education teachers.